Water cutting equipment details

WMT 100

The WMT100 is a cantilever waterjet
cutting machine. 
The cantilever design allows the cutting head to be suspended above the workbench, 
providing more space for loading and unloading, 
and greater processing flexibility. 

WMT 200

The WMT200 also offers significant advantages
in many application scenarios.
The integrated design saves space and is 
suitablefor environments with limited 
production space.

WMT 300

The most striking feature of the WMT300 is
its split design. The split mechanism allows
the machine to be adapted and expanded
to suit different production needs,
thus accommodating cutting tasks of varying
size and complexity. 

WMT 500

The WMT500 waterjet cutting
machine has a unique advantage
in handling large and complex
cutting tasks, 
and is capable of handling materials
of greater thickness and hardness.

WMT Echo

The cutting process is carried out
in a enclosed space,
which reduces noise and
water mist leakage, and improves
the cleanliness and safety of the operating environment. 

WMT Nano

The WMT NANO is capable of extremely high cutting accuracy and is suitable for machining parts that require high precision in industries such as aerospace, 
electronic components and medical


WMT can also provide you with
customized water jet cutting solutions. 
From demand analysis to
we provide one-stop solutions,
saving time and effort. 

Advantages of WAMIT Waterjet

Global footprint

Since the establishment of the company in 2014, 
WAMIT has sold to more than 30 countries around
the world with excellent product quality, 
and won the trust and support of our customers, 
specializing in research and development of ultra-high pressure water jet technology applications.

Model complete, quality assurance

Professional R & D and production of ultra-high
pressure water cutting, 
to meet the cutting needs of metal, stone, 
glass and all kinds of composite materials, 
support customization, professional one-to-one service mode, to meet your various cutting needs.

Fast cutting speed20%-30%

The most notable feature of the
is a substantial increase in empty running speed,
which is 6-10 times faster than the traditional waterjet.
The highest altitude operating speed can reach 50m/min,
the highest cutting speed can reach 20m/min.

Applicable industry

Waterjet Products


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