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Shandong WAMI CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan high-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province, is a professional CNC ultra-high pressure water jet technology application, product development, production, sales and technical services of high-tech enterprises.
The company's main products are ultra-high pressure generator and CNC water cutting machine. Ultra-high pressure generator is the core technology part of CNC water cutting machine and cleaning equipment. The company's independent research and development of a new generation of ultra-high pressure generator - servo direct drive pump, from 2019 to the market, has been praised by the majority of customers and peers, servo direct drive pump energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, flexibility and other advantages play vividly. Ultra-high pressure CNC water cutting machine is the world's most advanced cold cutting process manufacturing equipment. It has both mechatronics, ultra-high pressure water jet technology and CNC automation, automatic detection and compensation, computer-aided design and manufacturing, robot applications and many other fields of high-tech products with the world level. The company is committed to the innovation and application of ultra-high pressure water jet technology, with the highest quality products and the most valuable service to build the "Volmet" brand.

Business scope

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· Ultra-high pressure generator, water cutting machine, water cleaning, autoclave.

· The ultra-high pressure generator provides core power for water cutting, water cleaning and autoclaving.

· Water cutting machine for metal, building materials, glass, rubber and plastic industries to provide convenient and effective processing.

Development course

Patent qualification
Since its establishment, Shandong WAMI has obtained a number of patents in the application and research and development equipment of ultra-high pressure water jet technology.
Lay a solid foundation for the application of ultra-high pressure water cutting technology in all walks of life.​​​​​​​

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